Advanced Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions for Securing Your Business and ensuring Peace of Mind

InterSec specializes in comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance solutions. It is dedicated to protecting your business and its reputation from cyber threats, assuring you peace of mind.

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Robust Cybersecurity
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Regulatory Compliance

Addressing digital threats and regulatory compliance with expert Cyber Solutions

As a business leader,  you are constantly battling against relentless cyber threats and rigorous compliance demands. These challenges put your digital assets at risk and test your ability to maintain secure operations.

The stakes are high as you face resource constraints and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. The fallout from a security breach or failing to meet compliance can be catastrophic: significant financial losses, tarnished reputation, and operational setbacks are just the start. Effective navigation is more critical than ever in such a complex cybersecurity environment.

At InterSec, we provide custom-tailored cybersecurity solutions backed our deep seated passion for innovation. Our commitment is to your goals, strengthening your digital defenses, minimizing risks, and empowering your business to grow confidently and securely.

Here are the unique benefits of our Cybersecurity Solutions

Affordable Security Solutions

InterSec offers cost-effective cybersecurity services tailored to fit small and medium-sized businesses' budgets.

Enhanced Security Posture

Our services strengthen your organization's security culture and resilience against cyber threats.

Quality Service Improvement

We streamline processes, reduce redundancy, and enhance efficiency in information management.


Our team of experts ensures adherence to industry standards and government regulations and keep you


Our passion for cybersecurity drives us to innovate and secure your business for future challenges.


Tailoring solutions to uniquely address the specific cybersecurity needs of your business.

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions that align with evolving threat landscape

At InterSec, we empathize with the unique challenges your business faces in the digital landscape. Our tailored cybersecurity solutions are crafted to align seamlessly with your specific needs, offering not just security but a partnership rooted in understanding and mentorship. With our experienced team's comprehensive approach, you can confidently focus on your business's growth, reassured by the knowledge that your critical assets are protected against the ever-evolving cyber threats.

Download our Capability Statement

Download a copy of our capability statement to know how we can help you meeting your cybersecurity goals.

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Capability statement of InterSec

Hear success stories from our Customers

Responsive and Reliable MSSP Services
W. Dawkins
VP of Arrikai, LLC

InterSec's MSSP services has been a game-changer for us. Their team is always on standby, ensuring rapid and effective support, aligning perfectly with their promise of responsiveness and enhanced protection for our digital operations. We are 100% satisfied choosing InterSec as a MSSP

InterSec is our Trusted Partner in Cybersecurity

InterSec's comprehensive cybersecurity services, including CMMC compliance and Penetration Testing, are invaluable for Navitas. They’re more than a service provider; they’re a strategic partner committed to our long-term cybersecurity resilience and operational strength.

P. Dharia
CTO of Navitas Business Consulting
InterSec helped us improve our Cybersecurity Posture

InterSec’s Cybersecurity assessment services are unmatched. Their expertise has been instrumental in elevating our security standards, ensuring protection of our mission-critical operations, in line with their commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored  solutions.

Director of Security of a Maryland State Agency
Effective CMMC Compliance Solutions by InterSec

InterSec simplified the complex CMMC requirements into understandable terms, making our compliance process smooth. Their user-friendly approach and thorough support led to a successful and pleasant compliance journey.

Arlene McCoy
VP of Design, Meshery
Cybersecurity Service provider in Virginia

Industry Leaders trust
us for Cybersecurity

InterSec Inc., a minority-owned Virginia corporation founded in 2013, is a one-stop cybersecurity service provider to small and medium-sized businesses and is equipped with the required expertise to provide a full range of cybersecurity services. We clientele include Federal, State, and Commercial customers.

NIST 800-171 SSP,
CMMC Level 1 Advisory,
DIY CMMC Platform
CMMC Level 3 Advisory,
Consulting and MSSP

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