Cyber threats shouldn't endanger your digital assets, tarnish your reputation, or threaten your business

Why do we do Cybersecurity?

InterSec exists to provide a robust shield for your business against the complexities of the digital world's evolving cyber threats.

We specialize in crafting customized, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each business we serve.

Our dedicated team of experts are driven by a deep-seated passion for cybersecurity, continually innovating to ensure your digital assets and reputation are protected.

We commit to exceeding industry standards while ensuring compliance, offering you peace of mind in a challenging digital landscape.

Our Vision

To provide every organization the support they need to enable cybersecurity as part of their business function.

Our Mission

To reduce risks to digital assets of the organizations by safeguarding and protecting our clients from cyber threats.

What we stand for?

At Intersec, we prioritize what matters most in cybersecurity. Our commitment is anchored in four fundamental promises, each reflecting our dedication to safeguarding your digital landscape with utmost precision and integrity.

Our promises to you are clear and unwavering.

  • Transparency
    At Intersec, we ensure you're always in the loop. Our security practices are as transparent as they are robust, fostering your trust and understanding
  • Security
    Security is embedded at the core of what we do. For you, this means every product and service is designed with your protection in mind.
  • Confidentiality
    Your information's confidentiality is our priority. We guard it with the same intensity as we do our own, ensuring your data remains secure and private
  • Quality
    Quality isn't just a claim, it's a promise. Our security measures are independently validated, giving you the assurance you need in a digital world.

Industry Leaders trust
us for Cybersecurity

InterSec Inc., a minority-owned Virginia corporation founded in 2013, is a one-stop cybersecurity service provider to small and medium-sized businesses and is equipped with the required expertise to provide a full range of cybersecurity services. We clientele include Federal, State, and Commercial customers.

Meet our Team

Anil Varma
Sam Reddy
Vice President
Nicayla Javer
Director-Talent Acq.
Sanjay Sharma
Marketing Director

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Download our Capability Statement

Download a copy of our capability statement to know how we can help you meeting your cybersecurity goals.

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